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Related Zendokan Sites
Zendokan Dharma Kumiai - The Official Site


Kenshokan Dojo - Peterborough, Ontario

 - ZDK Karate & MJER Iaido


Zendokan Dharma Kumiai - Quebec

(In French - translation to English available through Google)

Zendokan Peterborough Facebook Page




Iaido Groups

Kenshokan Iaido - Peterborough

Mu Mon Kai - The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre's Iaido page

Iaido at Aikido Yoshinkai Canada

Sei Do Kai - Kim Taylor-sensei's group in Guelph

Stephen Cruise-sensei's group in Etobicoke



Other Martial Arts Groups and Related Sites

The Canadian Kendo Federation

Chokushin Aiki Jujutsu - the style of Phil Anderson, Brian Collins, and other members of the Kenshokan group.

Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu - Andy Dobie's Jiu Jitsu group here in Peterborough

Aikido Yoshinkai Canada, Toronto



The Japanese Sword and Swordsmanship - General

An excellent site on the Japanese sword

The Iaido Journal



Physical Training and Health
Exercise & Muscle Directory - diagrams, descriptions, and exercise videos



Martial Arts Supplies
Kim Taylor-sensei's company in Guelph, Ontario

Nosyuiaido/Swordstore - Japanese swords, equipment, etc.

Bujin Design - Martial arts equipment

Aoi Budogo