Welcome to the Oshawa Zendokan Dharma Kumiai (ZDK) Karate web page.  Here you will find information about the Karate of the ZDK, one of Canada's oldest Karate groups.

We are a part of the Zendokan Dharma Kumiai group of clubs.  This is one of the oldest established Karate groups in Canada, having been started in 1959.  We have existed for over half a century, and have been in the same location for over 50 years.  We are not a business and have used very little advertising, though thousands of people have trained in the style. 

The style was started by Michael E. Kelly who had studied Karate and Judo after returning from WWII.  Although he never intended to start teaching Karate, people demanded it and the club started from there, first as Shotokan Dharma and later as Zendokan Dharma.

Today, the style is still practiced by individuals at various clubs across Canada with many off-shoot schools from the main tree.

Michael Kelly



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